Tips for Leading a Great Conference Call

David Grady, in the annual Citizen’s Bank Employee Talent Show, performed an excellent comedy routine about a conference call gone horribly wrong. By incorporating the best practices within this article, you can keep chaos at bay and have productive calls.

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Where Are You Going (or Where Have You Been)

Lately I’ve been focused on running and the technology behind it.  Today, let’s take a look at how GPS technology helps a runner know where they are going and where they’ve been….and how you can use the same concepts to reach your goals.

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Who Are You?

As I’ve stated in a previous website launch announcement, I’ve been managing carbohydrates and exercising with very good results and have been utilizing technology uring my exercise. While visiting family in Florida a couple months ago I left for a run, telling everyone that i would be back in 30 minutes.  When I didn’t return […]

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The Focus Method of Writing

I’m usually asked how one gets started when it comes to writing a an article or a speech.  There are many ways to get started, however one way I use called the “Focus Method.”  This method will guide you through generating ideas for your article or speech, and will likely provide ideas for future ones […]

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Leadership is Action, Not Position

While visiting Florida I had the opportunity to visit the Bok Tower Gardens and recently began reading the Kindle Edition of Edward Bok’s autobiography titled The Americanization of Edward Bok.  It was in the gift shop, however I also found it in The Pulitzer Prize Collection (13 Books).  While I have only read the first […]

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