Enhance Your Business and Personal Brand – Get Online!

My brother-in-law recently just started out in real estate and is looking to (obviously) sell properties and get his business going.  If you are starting a business like he is, you should consider enhancing your business and personal brand by getting online.

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My First Week With Apple’s iPad

Apple’s marketing machine created extensive hype around the “magical and revolutionary” new iPad, released on April 3, 2010. It’s proven by masses of people huddled around demonstration tables in Apple’s retail stores, the buzz on various tech blogs, and the amount of activity on Twitter. That is great for Apple, but it left me wondering […]

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Cell Wars

AT&T and Verizon are locked in battle over who has the most 3G coverage. In the Verizon ads they state that they’ve got the most 3G coverage and show maps to “prove” they have the most coverage.  AT&T filed suit claiming that the ads misrepresent AT&T service offerings since they have a massive “2G” network. […]

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