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Old Eyes? Bad Eyes? Zoom In!

A customer I was recently working with was complaining that the fonts on his computer screen were too small.  If you have a similar problem, and don’t want (or cannot) set the fonts larger on your system, check these tips out.

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Enhance Your Business and Personal Brand – Get Online!

My brother-in-law recently just started out in real estate and is looking to (obviously) sell properties and get his business going.  If you are starting a business like he is, you should consider enhancing your business and personal brand by getting online.

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How I use the iPad for Reading/Reference

Tired of carrying around tons of books for reference or spiritual study?  Here is how I’ve lightened my load using the WiFi Apple iPad.

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Why I am a 4G Holdout

Greetings from sunny and hot Florida!  While reading the St. Petersburg Times on Sunday morning my mother stumbled across an article titled What You Should Know About 4G by Peter Svensson of the Associated Press.  In the article he states that carriers such Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are promising faster speeds through “4G” technology and […]

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Managing E-Mail and Spam

I receive a lot of questions about managing e-mail and how to prevent spam.  While there is no perfect system, you can manage your e-mail messages and still get everything you need to do done.

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