As I’ve stated in a previous website launch announcement, I’ve been managing carbohydrates and exercising with very good results and have been utilizing technology uring my exercise.

While visiting family in Florida a couple months ago I left for a run, telling everyone that i would be back in 30 minutes.  When I didn’t return in the expected time frame they began to worry.  In reality, I “got lost in the scenery” and didn’t turn around at the 1/2 way point of my run, so I had to walk back (about 2 miles), which lengthened the workout time.

No problem, right?  Well, in an effort to lighten my load, I did not take along things we all normally have with us.  I had no phone or wallet, and was running in an unfamiliar area.  While a good thought in theory, it was not such a smart move.  That’s when I stumbled on RoadID, a company that creates various types of ID products for runners and athletes.

The concept is similar to a medical alert bracelet, and they offer two types of IDs – the original RoadID and the Interactive RoadID.  The original displays brief information about you along with a couple of contact numbers, while the intractive RoadID contains basic information about you and a phone number to call for more information.  The back side of the Interactive ID has a PIN and Serial # that first responders or individuals can use to get information about you.  Each tag is stainless steel with laser engraved letters that are easily readable.

I went with the Interactive product because it allows you to create a full profile online that is accessible by phone or web.  The profile can contain phone numbers to call; medical and medication information, insurance information, and more.  The services costs $9.95 a year, however you get a year of free service for each RoadID you purchase.  My “collection” contains two – one ankle ID for exercise/running that is compatible with timing chips and contains reflective striping plus an “Elite” ID which contains a comfy black wristband that I can wear anytime, even while dressed up!  If anything ever happens, useful information will always be at hand.

This is a great piece of technology that can save your life no matter where you are!  Stay tuned for more fitness technology.