This morning on The Early Show, CEOs who participated in the MTV Show “Hired,” a series which follows recent grads as they try to land their dream jobs, provided tips to help viewers find their dream job.  I thought the provided by Gary Vaynerchuk, Marissa Shipman and Michelle Madhok were appropriate for anyone in the job market or anyone who networks and had some additional thoughts on them.  So, here are some Dos and Donts for those job hunting.


Embrace new technology.
Gary Vaynerchuk stated that the resume is dead.  If he is thinking way, so are other CEOs.  In addition to have a great resume, you can’t be afraid to use social networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  By adding your contacts and joining groups you will expand your network, possibly landing an interview.  As an example, I am participating in the 30 Day Blog challenge as a way to write more often and bring more readers to this site.  College students have a head start on the older job seekers, so it is important that you take the time to understand the social networks and how to use them to your advantage.

Show the interviewer what you can co now and in the future, not what you’ve done in the past.
Marissa Shipman looks for individuals who have ideas, even if the idea is not the best one it shows that they can innovate and have an understanding of the position they are interviewing for.  During a recent discussion about resume formatting and interviewing techniques, this point came up.  Employers are looking for experience, but they also want to know how you can help their company today and in the future.  If you do some research on the company you are interviewing with, you can find all sorts of information about their business dealings and issues, especially if they are active in their industry.  Use this to your advantage.

Know the company and be active with the company online. Comment and interact with them online.
Michelle Madhok states that you should know the company website inside out and where else they are online. This point ties in with the ones above.  By commenting on what the company posts on Facebook, Twitter, or even their own website/blogs, you will create an online relationship with them, which you can discuss in the interview.  This will show the interviewer that you’ve done your homework and are not afraid of technology.


Diss the company.
More than likely, if you are interviewing with the company you really want the job.  Do not waste the interview opportunity to “make a statement” about your dislike for the company or its actions.  Doing so will turn the interviewer off, especially if the issue or action you are discussing is a touchy subject.  Also, be sure not to diss the company online either.  Even if you delete the comment from a site, it can, and most likely will, turn up again.

Diss yourself.
Marissa stated that she had a candidate who, when asked to describe herself in three adjectives, the candidate used “vain.”  That turned her off right away.  When asked to describe yourself or give your opinion about something, you need to be truthful, but choose your words carefully and focus on the positive.  If you are asked to describe your faults or a touchy situation, be sure to include what you learned from it and how you are working to correct any behavior as a result.

Forget to practice what you preach.
Gary stated that he had someone interview who recommended previous clients and acquaintances use Twitter.  When asked if the candidate did, they responded “no.”  Ensure that your actions match your words, as it could come back to haunt you.  You can do so by recommending only products you use and following the moral or leadership principles you tell others.

Keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind as you network and look for the next opportunity!

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