As visitors to this site may have read, I purchase an Apple iPad shortly after they came out, and I promised to write about how I have been using it in various facets of life.  To give you the short story, it is great for media.


I routinely use the iPod to play music.  It played all of my music while displaying the album covers.  While in this mode, you can tap the screen to access all of the controls – back, pause, volume, shuffle, position in the song, the genius feature, and whether to display the song list are all a tap away.

Pandora Radio is awesome on the device, utilizing extra screen space well, showing your station list on the left, the familiar Pandora thumbs up/thumbs down/pause controls on the top, the album cover below that, and a full artist biography below.  A tap of the menu button allows you to find the artist or song on iTunes or bookmark the artist/song.


You can listen to books in much the same way you do music.  All the controls are there and it is really intuitive.  I was able to take CDs that I purchased from various seminars, rip them to iTunes, classify them as audiobooks, and listen to them on the iPad while taking notes using EverNote.


I have a Mac Mini that is used as a media server.  It also has an Elgato EyeTV 250 Plus USB TV Tuner.  I use it like a DVR to record programs.  The EyeTV software automatically converts it to iPhone and iPad formats, which I can stream using the EyeTV iPhone/iPad application or copy the iPad file directly to the iPad.

The ABC Player offers a lot of shows and provides good video quality over a WiFi connection.  Video was crisp and clear, and the audio was great, especially with headphones.

The iPad is great for media, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the device and it’s competitors.