A short time ago I visited a friend in Appleton, Wisconsin who takes his children to a roller rink.  Yes…they do still exist!  Anyway, I decided it was time to learn how to inline skate.  As the session progressed, my skating abilities improved, and I managed to stay on my skates, only falling once.  While I did not “tear up the track” like a lot of the more experienced skaters, I believe that i achieved my goal, and was reminded of a few tidbits relating to self improvement.

Set Measurable Goals

Many times people will set goals like “Paint the Bedroom” or “Change the batteries in the smoke alarms” and do not put a date on it.  If it is a larger project, they do not list the steps to complete it or set dates for those steps.  Because of this, a lot of goals or projects go unfinished and end up in the “one of these days I should do it” bucket.  By setting dates for individual tasks or larger projects or goals you will fell good about making progress and will be able to change dates as priorities change.

Go at Your Own Pace

Just like learning to incline skate, you need to pursue your goals at your own pace and by following your own timeline.  Unless your goal has a specific due date and consequences for not doing it by that date, proceed at your own pace. On the rink, I tried to skate like the more experienced skaters but soon became frustrated and tired.

Your Body Follows Where Your Eyes are Focused

About half way through our skating session, I began to pay closer attention to what was happening around me instead of worrying so much about body mechanics.  I split up the track in to three or four sections, and as I went around I would focus on what was happening in that particular section.  This enabled me to adjust to the changing conditions within that section and take advantage of better “lines.”  Because of this I only fell once and improved my inline skating by focusing on small portions of my overall goal.

What goal(s) are you trying to meet?  Remember to set measurable goals, go at your own pace, and focus on your goals…you will make progress toward your goal!