We’ve been experimenting with Windows 7 in a test environment since the free beta came out a while back, but this weekend I had an opportunity to try an upgrade on a “production” machine….my wife’s!  Based on that experience I wanted to share with you two important “gotchas.”

If you are considering upgrading (or have purchased an upgrade) to Windows 7 you should run the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor, then consider these gotchas:First, there is NO direct upgrade option for XP users.  You’ll have to use Windows Easy Transfer to back up your user data, install to Windows 7, install your software, then use Windows Easy Transfer to restore your user data.  This upgrade will take a considerable amount of time depending on the hardware you have.

Second, if your computer is running Windows Vista, you can do a direct upgrade, but I recommend that you back up your data using Windows Easy Transfer or by copying the users folder to another drive, then do the upgrade.  There is a caveat though…direct upgrade only works in these scenarios:

  • Windows Vista Home Basic to Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate

Here are some great step-by-step guides:

Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7
Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7

Good luck with your upgrade!

Contact us for a painless upgrade!  We can help you determine if you have appropriate hardware, suggest the correct version to purchase, and perform the upgrade.